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People Counting & Reporting
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  People Counting & Reporting

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  AllGoVision News & Updates:
    New Appointment in Korea
    New VMS Integrations
    New Channel Partners

  Success Stories: People Counting

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AllGoVision is a real time enterprise grade advanced video analytics software product developed by AllGo Systems, a leader in Multi-media technology. It is a server based solution with 30 plus basic and advanced features which have been used in a host of application areas in city surveillance, traffic/parking management, building surveillance and business intelligence. Being a specialist in Video Analytics, AllGoVision focuses on Accuracy and Reliable performance.

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People Counting & Reporting

AllGoVision analyses the video content in real-time and counts the number of people moving IN or OUT - typically traversing through a narrow passage like entry/exit gates. The AllGoVision solution which gives 90-98% accuracy, takes care of certain nuances in its algorithm such as trolley detection (no-count for people), calibration for people moving in a group etc. While it also works for angular cameras, overhead camera gives the best result with head detection. Versatile reporting and analysis options make it a robust tool for business intelligence.

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News & Updates
  New Appointment in Korea
Eric Kim AllGoVision is happy to appoint Mr. Eric Kim to serve customers locally in Korea and nearby regions of Far East, thanks to AllGoVision's fast growth and increasing business traction in recent days especially in the region.
Eric will be based in Seoul, South Korea and can be available at (Email) or +82-10-2371-3532 (Mob) / +82-2-2654-4628 (Tel).
  New VMS Integrations

Being an Open Platform solution, AllGoVision gives you the option to plug it in your existing Surveillance System without any extra expenditure to ensure compatibility. It is integrated with many VMS - the list of which now includes Cisco Video Surveillance Manager (VSM) and Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) Command & Control Suite.


  New Channel Partners

AllGoVision Solution is having its footprints worldwide due to its valued channel partners. The latest in the list are:

Convergint Nutech
Javatel Diebold
SAFE Delco

Click here to find the complete list of Channel Partners. If you would like to grow with AllGoVision, join the channel partner programme.

AllGoVision in Media

AllGoVision has contributed for some of the security Journals in the last quarter. The following are the article links providing you insights on capabilities of Video Analytics on different fronts. Happy Reading!

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Article: Facial Recognition is Gaining Grounds in India
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Issue 52 (May 2015)
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People Counting Applications
People Counting

Malls, Retail Stores need visitor statistics regularly and preferably on real-time basis. People counting feature provides the Footfall statistics for them and they can track their revenue conversion factors by comparing customer attendance and sales figures.

AllGoVision Alarm Center is the client software for managing (for view/search/report/analysis) the alarms with an intuitive interface. You get versatile reporting options like auto scheduling, sending reports through Email or uploading through FTP. The reports are in Text and CSV format with Statistical Plots generated in JPG and PDF formats. Option is also provided for comparing reports of multiple time periods - week/month/year wise.

Reports & Charts

You can apply people counting for multiple regions of your business zone so that you get insights on the customer movements in different regions. You can find the hotspots or most revenue generating areas with the help of Analysis tools like Heat Map. Flow Map provides you crowd movement share for multi-directions. It helps you in correcting the flaws in your floor layout or place your products strategically.

Heat Map Flow Map

Queue Management, an advanced feature based on People Counting principle, provides you information on queue length and waiting time analysis for queues of customers in front of your service desk.

Queue Management

Success Stories

We have successfully implemented projects with People Counting solutions at a number of installations globally. Following are some of our success stories.

Sephora Beauty Retail Stores, Malaysia

Sephora Beauty Retail

AllGoVision provided a cost effective solution that counts people with more than 95% accuracy. Insights from the various reports of footfall statistics, periodic trends, peaks and valleys are helping the customer with cues for correct strategies. AllGoVision feeds LDM format reports to the POS Systems where comprehensive analysis is done to find out conversion rate from visitor statistics to live sales figure, or correlation between customer visits to any particular product section and the sales of that product category.

Case Study

Forum Malls at Hyderabad & Mangalore

Forum Mall

People Counting solution applied at the entry / exit points and at different floors is providing data on visitor statistics. In addition the more crowd generating areas are being detected, helping in setting floor space rates and marketing efforts of the Forum malls in both these cities.

Case Study
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