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AllGoVision is a real time enterprise grade advanced video analytics software product developed by AllGo Systems, a leader in Multi-media technology. It is a server based solution with 30 plus basic and advanced features which have been used in a host of application areas in city surveillance, traffic/parking management, building surveillance and business intelligence. Being a specialist in Video Analytics, AllGoVision focuses on Accuracy and Reliable performance.

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Crowd Management Solution

AllGoVision analyses the video content in real-time and provides the crowd count with reasonably high accuracy. Based on a pre-defined threshold value, the system detects and alerts against overcrowding scenario. The crowding threshold can be set either based on the number of people occupying the region of interest or the percentage of area occupied by crowd in the user-specified region. The AllGoVision solution also supports crowd flow analysis by highlighting sections of the crowd by their direction of movement. Counter flow of crowd which happens in a direction opposite to the desired path can also be intelligently detected and alerted against.

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News & Updates
  New Appointments in AllGoVision
In line with the vision of expanding the business to different geographies and sustain the strong hold in the domestic market, AllGoVision has appointed personnel at key positions.
Chandan Kumar Chandan Kumar will take care of Channel Development for AllGoVision. Based in Bangalore, Chandan will be available at (Email) or +91-9620052121 (Mob) / +91-80-46621418 (Tel).
Rohit Varun has joined the Sales & Business Development team at Bangalore, and can be reached at (Email) or +91-9739003018 (Mob) / +91-80-46621419 (Tel). Rohit Varun
  Latest Product Updates

While we focus on Video Analytics as a specialist in the field, our in-house R&D team continuously innovates and strives for developing specific solutions for your specific problems so that you achieve more.

Powered by an advanced algorithm, the Illegal Parking feature is now more effective in detecting the traffic rule violation even in busy roads with continuous traffic.

A newer more efficient method is added in our Crowd Management solution which not only increases the crowd counting accuracy but also works fine in busy and dense crowd where most other analytics solutions fail. Highlighted with different colors for different directional movement the crowd flow analysis is another unique feature that gives visual interpretation of the flow pattern apart from alerting against crowd counter flow.

Crowd Flow Analysis

AllGoVision now has a robust technology providing a unique solution for privacy requirement in City Surveillance, Malls and Public Places or even in News and Media industry. In the surveillance system while you record the unmasked raw video, you can ensure that only the masked video can be viewed live by monitoring personnel or can be exported for evidence purpose.

  New Channel Partners

AllGoVision Solution is having its footprints worldwide due to its valued channel partners. The latest in the list are:

Anixter CitiConnect
intelbras Teleste

Click here to find the complete list of Channel Partners. If you would like to grow with AllGoVision, join the channel partner programme.

Crowd Management Applications
Crowd Management

AllGoVision's advanced video analytics algortithm provides approximate Crowd Count in a specific area at any instant so that you know the capacity usage for that infrastructure (in absolute number and percentage). It works in any kind of crowd including busy scenario and continuous dense crowd where current market solutions fail. It doesn't generate false alarms (doesn't miss any detection of crowding scenario). The power of Crowd Management can be harnessed in many applications, including but not limited to the following:

  City Surveillance and Policing

  Festivals & Religious Places

  Sports, Events & Entertainment

  Malls, Markets, Shopping Centers

  Airports & Transportation Sector

  Other Service Centers & Industries


Case Study: Nashik Kumbh Mela

Credited as one of the world’s largest festival, Kumbh Mela is repeated every 12 years in each of 4 different locations across India. It was indeed a marriage of tradition and technology in the recently concluded 2015 edition of the Mela at Nashik, Maharashtra. While lakhs of devotees visited the place upholding an age-old ritual, AllGoVision deployed its modern technology aiding crowd management efforts in the Mela.

Nashik Kumbh Mela

AllGoVision Video Analytics provided crowd management solution which includes Crowd Counting, Crowding Detection / Overcrowding Alert, Crowd Flow Analysis / Crowd Counter Flow Detection. Read the following case study for more details...

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Events Round Up: Eye Connect, July 23-25, Lavasa

Along with its partners, AllGoVision hosted 'Eye Connect' in July at Lavasa. In this focused end customer and consultant forum, seven of the leading OEMs in specific domains of the security industry showcased an end-to-end integrated solution and presented 'the best practices' prevalent in the IP industry. Mr. Ashwin Amarapur, Director - AllGoVision, took the audience through a Video Analytics tour demonstrating its extensive feature set. The event, in general, got good response from consultants and customers many of whom took keen interest in AllGoVision and deliberated on ways they can implement Video Analytics solution in overcoming the challenges related to Security, Safety and Operations.

EyeConnect 2015
AllGoVision VA Solutions
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