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Intrusion Detection
with 3D Mapping
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  Intrusion Detection with 3D Mapping

  Application in Perimeter Protection

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AllGoVision is a real time enterprise grade advanced video analytics software product developed by AllGo Systems, a leader in Multi-media technology. It is a server based solution with 40 plus basic and advanced features which have been used in a host of application areas in city surveillance, traffic/parking management, building surveillance and business intelligence. Being a specialist in Video Analytics, AllGoVision focuses on Accuracy and Reliable performance.

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Intrusion Detection with 3D Mapping

Video Analytics which works on the principle of image processing is affected a lot by the scene or the camera view. In challenging scenes spanning over a greater depth, object classification can go wrong unless proper calibrations are done. A camera view can be such where similar objects appear smaller or larger depending on the distance from camera for different positions in the scene. AllGoVision supports Object Classification with 3D mapping based on calibration and therefore achieves greater accuracy and lesser false alarms in intrusion detection application.

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News & Updates
  New Appointment in AllGoVision
Suyesh Sanghi AllGoVision is happy to appoint Mr. Suyesh Sanghi as Marketing Manager. Suyesh’s marketing skills and ability to seek creative solutions will be supremely advantageous for our product promotion and enhancement of reach.
Suyesh will be based in Bangalore, India and can be available at (Email) or +91-9739044457 (Mob) / +91-80-4662-1408 (Tel).
  Latest Product Updates

AllGoVision improved its Auto PTZ tracking feature in 'Continuous PTZ' mode for single object tracking. The objects are tracked more reliably; moreover, the calibration settings are added in the continuous ONVIF PTZ mode so as to make camera movements faster.

AllGoVision has completed integration with the latest versions of some of the open platform VMS software, namely, Genetec Security Center 5.4, Milestone 2016, Honeywell HUS

  New Channel Partners

AllGoVision Solution is having its footprints worldwide due to its valued channel partners. The latest in the list are:

Miwi Urmet City Quality ZMR

Click here for the complete list of Channel Partners. Grow with AllGoVision, join our channel partner programme.

  AllGoVision in Media

Benchmark, the UK based monthly publication covering innovations in the security industry, has shortlisted AllGoVision among the Finalists for Benchmark Innovation Awards 2016 in the Business Intelligence category.

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Issue - April 2016
Page No. 22
Category: Business Intelligence

AllGoVision has contributed for some issues of security journals in the last quarter. The following are the article links providing you insights on capabilities of Video Analytics on different fronts. Happy Reading!

A&S India Magazine
Issue 60 (Jan 2016)
Page 48 onwards
Article: Video Content Analysis Creates New Success Stories
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Click to Read A&S India Magazine
Issue 61 (Feb 2016)
Page 34 onwards
Article: Intelligent Security Solutions for BFSI Sector
Application in Perimeter Protection

Powered by advanced algorithm, AllGoVision is capable of superior object occlusion handling and false alarm minimization. AllGoVision also supports logical operation of alarm so that multiple rule violations can be combined to receive alarms for detection of more authentic intrusion threats. The solution works with thermal cameras as well.

Camera Setup & Range

For perimeter protection, angular cameras are to be installed along the boundary wall at approx. height of 15 ft. The distance between the adjacent cameras should be equal to the effective length (e) = camera range (c) - blind spot distance (b). The camera range at which human object (min. 100 pixels) is detected for intrusion, is again dependent on VA resolution and the horizontal field of view i.e. camera angle. Click to download VA Range Calculator.

Example: For VA resolution = 1080p, camera angle = 75 degrees, the camera range for intrusion detection = 127m. Assuming, height of camera installation = 15 ft, tilt angle = 5 degrees, the blind spot distance would be 27m. Hence, effective range (distance between adjacent cameras) =127- 27= 100m.

Perimeter Cameras

Object Classification

AllGoVision’s object classification option consists of 3D calibration to bring distance metric into consideration for scenes with varying depths. This enables it to achieve better results and the level of accuracy can be as high as 90-99% depending on proper calibration.

Success Stories: Recent Projects

End User: ONGC at Hazira, Gujarat

Project Details: ONGC's facility at Hazira needed security solution for perimeter protection. AllGoVision successfully implemented video analytics solution in the project whereas the surveillance infrastructure is catered by Geo Integrator Pvt. Ltd. as the SI. AllGoVision processes the video feed from 40 IP cameras and sends real-time alerts to Milestone.

End User Logo

End User: Teva Pharma at Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Project Details: AllGoVision successfully installed video analytics for perimeter protection at the Ahmedabad unit of Teva Pharma. There are 20 cameras in this project on which video analytics is being run for real-time situation awareness and intrusion detection and Milestone is the VMS being used.

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Events Round Up: AllGoVision Showcase in Intersec 2016 at Dubai

AllGoVision showcased its extensive range of video analytics capabilities in Intersec 2016 held on 17th - 19th January at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre. AllGoVision received impressive response from visitors representing many countries. The main attraction in the AllGoVision stand was the Live Demonstration of AllGoVision's advanced 3D facial recognition solution which is used in security surveillance (black list identification) and business intelligence (VIP identification, face counting and analysis, demographic profiling and more) applications.

AllGoVision in Intersec AllGoVision in Intersec AllGoVision in Intersec
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