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  Case Study: Single Person Occupancy Alert

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    - Most Innovative Product Award @NPC 2015
    - Video Analytics Demo @IFSEC India 2015

AllGoVision is a real time enterprise grade advanced video analytics software product developed by AllGo Systems, a leader in Multi-media technology. It is a server based solution with 40 plus basic and advanced features which have been used in a host of application areas in city surveillance, traffic/parking management, building surveillance and business intelligence. Being a specialist in Video Analytics, AllGoVision focuses on Accuracy and Reliable performance.

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Occupancy Management Solution

Be it large open spaces, or multi-level / multi-region setups indoors for restaurants, malls, banks, airports or any other service hub, you face a tremendous challenge to manage infrastructure and service quality due to unknown information on occupancy and service time as well as uneven customer footfalls. AllGoVision takes live streams from surveillance cameras, analyses the video content and generates statistics, intelligence and trends that help you enhance your operations and your business churns greater profits and efficiency.

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News & Updates
  New Integrations

Being an Open Platform solution, AllGoVision gives you the option to plug it in your existing Surveillance System without any extra expenditure to ensure compatibility. It is integrated with many VMS - the list of which now includes Spectrum VMS and even IP cameras from Digital Watchdog.


  Latest Product Updates

While we focus on Video Analytics as a specialist in the field, our in-house R&D team continuously innovates and strives for developing specific solutions for your specific problems so that you achieve more. The latest addition in our 40+ analytics capabilities is PTZ Preset Analytics

Analytics rules are configured for different pre-set positions. The PTZ camera, in patrolling mode, zooms into each pre-set and detects specified rule violation in the zoomed view.

  New Channel Partners

AllGoVision Solution is having its footprints worldwide due to its valued channel partners. The latest in the list are:

CCTV Systems
Prisma Bytes

Click here for the complete list of Channel Partners. Grow with AllGoVision, join our channel partner programme.

  AllGoVision in News

Benchmark, the UK based monthly publication covering innovations in the security industry, carries out comparative testing of products and solutions. Recently, in its people counting solution test, AllGoVision emerged as one of the top performers in terms of counting accuracy and reporting.

Benchmark Test

AllGoVision, the video analytics leader in the region, was covered by Research & Markets in its latest report on India Video Surveillance Market - Estimate & Forecast 2015-22.

Research And Market

Security Middle East, the news partner for Intersec 2016, expresses its views - Middle East presents ‘untapped growth potential’ for biometric security solutions. AllGoVision, a provider of Advanced 3D Face Recognition solution, expresses its take on the same. Read more.

SME News

AllGoVision, to showcase its Video Analytics capabilities along with Face Recognition live demo at the security event in Dubai. Visit us at S1-H48 in Intersec, Jan 17-19, 2016.

Applications: Occupancy Mgmt.
Multi-Level Occupancy Detection
Display at your lobby shows real time occupancy of each level or customer service zone so that customers can choose where to go in order to get quicker service.
Multi-Level Occupancy - Low wait time & quicker service
- Increased customer satisfaction
- Uniform resource allocation
- Uniform facility utilization
Open Space Capacity Utilization
Approximate crowd count for large open spaces both indoor & outdoor (with or without specific transits).
Open Space Capacity - Percentage of crowd filling
- Capacity Utilization Detection
- Over-crowding Awareness
- Crowd Management
Queue Occupancy Analysis
Queue length & average waiting time can be displayed live for each of the queues at ticket / check-in / service counters.
Queue Occupancy - Customer chooses quicker queue
- Improve service speed & quality
- Insights on operations mgmt.
- Enhanced resource planning
Parking Occupancy Management
In parking lots, electronic display shows capacity, current occupancy & free slot availability for each region or level.
Parking Occupancy - Vehicle heads to free slot
- Real-time occupancy status
- Parking Management & Reporting
- Historical occupancy comparisons
Operations & Layout Study
Density Map and Directional trends for people and object movement with Heat Map and Flow Map for the floor.
Layout Study - Find customer hotspots
- Place products strtegically
- Detect movement bottleneck
- Improve layout & revenue
Case Study: Single Occupancy Alert

Project: Client (BFSI/Payments) of First Data Mumbai

Requirement: For some restricted rooms the protocol is to access two persons together (just like in a Bank, any staff cannot access the Vault area alone, at least 2 persons should access together). Requirement was for a solution which alerts against such protocol breach.

Single Person Alert

Solution: AllGoVision offered a solution which works on the principle of people counting with cameras installed at the entry / exit of the room. Using the count of people going in or coming out and depending on total transit points, calculation is done for resultant occupancy at any time. Occupancy is matched with protocol for alarm. So whenever a person goes in, if within a certain time (which can be specified by the user) no person follows him, or if more than 1 person go inside and some of them come out of the room whereas only 1 person stays inside, there would be an alarm.

Cameras: Hikvision IP Surveillance Cameras

Alarm Management: AllGoVision Alarm Center

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Events Round Up: NPC (Nasscom), IFSEC India, AAI Disha

AllGoVision was among Most Innovative & High Potential Products at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2015 - held on 13th -15th October at Bangalore. About 120 innovative products were showcased in the Nasscom event and AllGoVision's video analytics solution impressed the Jury with its vast applications and innovative use cases in Security, Safety and Operations.

The Officers Association of Airports Authority of India (AAI) organized their annual conference AAI Disha on 25th November 2015 and AllGoVision was invited to present its Video Analytics Solution. The aviation experts and officials were impressed by the innovative technology and its usage especially in Airports.

AllGoVision showcased in the 9th edition of IFSEC India, the largest security show in South Asia, held at New Delhi on the 10-12th December 2015. AllGoVision's advanced 3D facial recognition solution was demonstrated live at the event.

Certificate at NPC AllGoVision in IFSEC AllGoVision in IFSEC
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