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  Face Recognition

  Applications: Face Recognition

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  Product Update

  Recent Projects

AllGoVision is a real time enterprise grade advanced video analytics software product developed by AllGoVision Technologies Pvt Ltd, a leader in Video Analytics. It is a server based solution with 50 plus basic and advanced features which have been used in a host of application areas in city surveillance, traffic/parking management, building surveillance and business intelligence. Being a specialist in Video Analytics, AllGoVision focuses on Accuracy and Reliable performance.

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FR Face Recognition

AllGoVision provides the advanced feature of Face Recognition which is being used extensively in varied applications nowadays.The product analyses rapidly the video data, detects human face, captures the face image, matches it with database of registered faces, and sends real time alarm based on a successful match (face recognized) or mismatch (face not recognized). The face recognition application can also run on any previously recorded video. The software is easy to install and simple to use with intuitive GUI. The AllGoVision Face recognition supports face recognition of people moving towards camera and has a very high accuracy which is greater than 90%.

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News & Updates

AllGoVision is now an independent entity known as AllGoVision Technologies Pvt Ltd. It was started as a Product Unit of AllGo Embedded Systems Pvt Ltd, in 2009. With this change, the company aims to become even more focused and innovative in the field of Video Analytics.

AllGoVision covered in the "Video Analytics Market - Global Forecast to 2021" report offered by Research and Markets. You can see the report here

AllGoVision covered in Research and Markets' Global Video Content Analytics Report published by Businesswire: AllGoVision has been covered in the "Global Video Content Analytics Market Outlook Focus on Software, Application and Geography, Estimation & Forecast, 2016-2022" report announced by Research and Markets. You can see the report here

AllGoVision was the Video Analytics provider for 2 winners of the Secona Shield Awards 2016: AllGoVision proved its excellence at the Secona Shield Awards 2016, by being the Video Analytics provider for the winners of two prestigious Categories:
'Security Project of the year': Nashik Kumbh Mela
'Control Room of the year - Safe City': Aurangabad City Surveillance (Honeywell)

AllGoVision participated in Securex 2016: AllGoVision exhibited its product at Securex, South Africa, 2016. It is Africa's leading security and fire trade exhibition.

  Appointment of new CTO
Rags AllGoVision is happy to appoint Mr. Raghavan Subramaniyan as the new CTO. Raghavan is a well-known Researcher with Rich Experience of about 25 years. He has co-founded 2 Startups in the area of medical devices and has 10 plus patents to his name.
He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from IISc Bangalore and B.Tech from IIT Madras. Raghavan will be based in Bangalore, India.
  Latest Product Updates

Launch of V3.75: AllGoVision has been upgraded to v3.75 where a significant number of features have been improved to become more accurate, efficient and useful. Some of the highlights of AllGoVision V3.75 are as follows:

• This version supports a Federated Architecture where analytics can be done at local servers and viewed by local operators. A central server with a central operator can view all the alarms in the system.

• This version also supports Saving and Exporting Configurations. Video Analytics Configurations for a Camera can be saved and exported to a location. The same Configurations can then be imported later.

Health Check is also added to check the status of the software.

• This version allows Camera Search where all the Cameras on the server can be discovered automatically. It also allows Camera Ordering where all the Cameras that are added to a server, are sorted alphabetically, automatically. To add to this, the version also allows Scheduling (Feature-based and Camera-based).

Video Loss alarm is now added.
Vehicle Halt Detection and Speed Drop Detection are the new features added in the Traffic Management Package.

• In addition, a new feature PTZ Lock is also added to the package Advanced Intrusion Detection. PTZ Camera coordinates for a particular position can be captured and alarms are generated only for those coordinates.

Applications: Face Recognition

Black Listed People Recognition: A very useful tool for City Surveillance. The system can be installed at Airports, Railway Stations, other public places for the identification of criminals. Similarly, black listed people can be denied entry into Restricted Areas.

VIP Identification or White list people identification: People in the White list/ VIPs can be identified when they enter a hotel/ mall, event and can be welcomed with special efforts. Similarly, white list people may be provided with faster queue processing in any set-up.

Forensic search and analysis: The face recognition feature can be applied for forensic search as a database of faces can be used to identify a face through the facial features which are unique for people to a good enough accuracy.

Facial Recognition based Access Control: The feature can also be utilized in the scenario where only few people are allowed to enter a restricted area.

Facial Recognition based automatic Attendance System: Face Recognition can replace the existing Attendance Systems and can make it more secure and strict, with very high accuracy.

Face Detection and Recognition based Business Intelligence
1) Viewership Measurement for retail shelf, digital signage – based on face count.
2) Customer tracking and statistics – Face Capture, Face Tracking.
3) Statistics on Face Analytics – Presence, Frequency, Age Group, Gender.

Success Stories: Recent Projects

End User: Chevron, Bangladesh

Project Details: The natural gas production plant of Chevron in Bangladesh needed a security solution for Perimeter Protection, Crowd Management, Smoke and Fire Detection and Face Recognition. AllGoVision successfully installed its Video Analytics Features at 2 different sites and the alarms that are generated are sent to Milestone and Samsung Security Manager respectively at the 2 sites.

End User Logo

End User: Kaizen Infotech, Mumbai

Project Details: AllGoVision successfully installed video analytics for people counting and occupancy management at confidential zones of Kaizen Infotech. There are 8 cameras in this project on which video analytics is being run and an alarm is generated if there is only one person preent in the strong room.

  New Channel Partners

AllGoVision Solution is having its footprints worldwide due to its valued channel partners. The latest in the list are:

ivis embee videoguard

Click here for the complete list of Channel Partners. Grow with AllGoVision, join our channel partner programme.

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