Feature for Enhanced Monitoring
AllGoVision Video Stitching

Video Stitching is an advanced feature from AllGoVision Video Analytics, in which overlapped views from IP cameras are stitched together to create one single, continuous view and the output video feed can be added back to your VMS.

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A Panoramic View in Real Time makes Surveillance Easier!

The single, integrated view produces a scene as if your are seeing it in your naked eyes without being limited by cropped views of multiple cameras. The stitched video from multiple cameras increases the field of view and provides better situational awareness to the viewer. This gives a wide area perspective in a critical infrastructure like Airports, Railway Station, Border Security areas or even a large Traffic Intersection and enhances your Monitoring Capabilities.

You don't need any dedicated equipment - use your existing IP cameras. Video stitching works with Video Management Software such as Milestone. The set-up effort is one time and the stitched video is seen continuously after that. While surveillance is made easier, you are rewarded with increased operator performances and reduced operational cost.

Features & Options for Video Stitching

AllGoVision video analytics does image processing for frames of multiple camera views which are unaligned with a degree of overlap, and outputs a single stitched view.

  Video stitching is possible for up to 8 cameras.

  The stitched video can be added as ONVIF camera in VMS.

  The video added as ONVIF camera can be viewed or recorded in VMS.

  AllGoVision supports object detection and tracking on the stitched view.

  Even for multiple objects, detection and tracking is possible.

  Non-overlapped camera views can also be stitched together.

  For non-overlapped cameras, views are merged side by side.

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A Note on Usage and Installation

 Works well in both Indoor and Outdoor environments.


 Cameras looking down from high altitude across the open grounds.

 Eg: Parking lots, Pathways, Campus premises, Road intersections etc.


 Cameras with unobstructed views of spacious indoors.

 Eg. Large rooms, Auditoriums, Long passages with uniform depth etc.

 Single camera brand for all the cameras produces better stitching.

 Cameras should not have high variation in zoom levels.

 Cameras should have same resolution and frame rate.

 Installations should produce equidistant views for the cameras.

 Effective Stitching is achieved with >10% overlap on adjacent cameras.

 Installation with steady background makes the system stable & adaptive. Once installed without much movements in the scene, stitching provides good results even if, later, there are movements and objects motions across the views.
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