Alarm Management Client
AllGoVision Alarm Center

Alarm Center, the Alarm Management Client, provides options to view, search, report and analyse all the alarms generated by AllGoVision analytics running on different systems across a LAN. The database requirement is MySQL.

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Manage your Video Analytics Alarms in a better way!

AllGoVision can work stand-alone! Takes video feed directly from cameras, sends alarms to Alarm Center where you can manage those alarms. Alarm Center provides more functionality than VMS client for analytic alarms.

However, AllGoVision can also send alarms to your VMS, if you have one. Alarm Center acts as a single viewer with different VMS integration. Alarm Center is available as plugin and can be integrated with VMS client.

One application. So many benefits.

Alarm Center provides instant Alarm Popups for latest events. Alarm Image Preview and Alarm Video Playback are options to review any of the past alarms. It displays alarms with date and time stamp and all other properties so that searchability is maintained. Apart from basic features such as Search, Analysis and Report, Alarm Center supports a lot of options:

  Options for Grid View or Thumbnail View

  Live Reporting

  Emails on Alarms

  Sound Alarms

  Video Summary

  Parking Management Occupancy Display

  Support for Face Recognition Client

Extensive options for Search, Analysis & Reporting


 Filters to search alarms based on alarm/object properties

 Provides search capability for Forensic search

 Forensic search based on object properties - size/color/type/time etc.


 Heat Map: Density levels with different colors

 Flow Map: Paths of object or people movement


 Reports in different formats (PDF/JPG/XLS/TXT)

 Option to Schedule reports for Emailing & FTP Upload

 Zonal Report with multiple cameras added in each zone

 Comparison of Reports of various time periods

Face Detection/Recognition based Advanced Analytics

  Face Detection and Recognition Alarms - Preview & Search

  Face Capture to store faces for future evidence

  Face Forensic Search - image based search of alarms

  Face Recognition based Attendance Systems

  Face Count Statistics and Graphs, Alarms on threshold

  Face Presence - Duration Plot of faces visible in camera view

  Face Frequency - Distribution Plot for recognized people

  Viewership Measurement - Presence, Frequency, Demographics
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