AllSafe Safety Video Analytics for Smart Buildings

An AI-Powered Video Analytics Suite for Smarter & Safer Buildings in the post COVID world

October 7, 2020

Over the last few months, health and public security tensions stemming from Covid19 have posed significant challenges to every sector. While ensuring public safety has always been a priority, during the Covid19 pandemic key aspects of community and organizational life come with additional hurdles. From monitoring the entry and exit of employees and residents, mandating the usage of masks, enforcing social distancing protocols in building premises, the security staff of most Smart Buildings are now tasked with implementing stronger security frameworks.

Of course, it is difficult to monitor every corner of a large building comprising of employees, residents, security staff, and visitors. That is why, most building managers are turning to Video Analytics Solutions for consistent, fool proof security. Besides common features like intrusion detection and smart control, building managers are on the lookout for advanced capabilities to maintain compliance with government recommended social distancing protocols, prevent overcrowding, detect temperature at office/building entrances, and more.

AllGoVision Technologies tackles these public safety challenges with its unique safety suite, AllSafe Video Analytics. AllSafe, with its advanced features like No-Mask Detection, Social Distancing and Contact Tracing, aims at increasing in-premise safety, optimizing employee occupancy levels, and facilitating comfort and cleanliness.

The solution is tailored to protect people and property while also driving the required insights for business advantage. It adds the much-needed edge to video surveillance by making it even more relevant to businesses. Some of its benefits include:

Accurate & Real-Time Violation Alerts: Enables security personnel to take faster corrective measures by generating instant, real-time violation alerts.

Self-Reliant Decision Making: Assists in quick and independent decision making by providing the much-needed situational awareness to business leaders.

Cost and Resource Optimization: By transforming raw video data into quantifiable assets, AllSafe assists in cost and resource optimization. It enhances efficiency with a tangible return on investment for stakeholders.

Automated Safety: With Limited manual intervention, AllSafe helps ensuring human safety in building premises with complete compliance to Government authorized safety regulations.

Thanks to Advanced Video Analytics Solutions like AllSafe, building managers can now reduce risks, optimize costs, and boost operational efficiency, all the while improving the occupational safety for building residents and employees.

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