The Role of Technology to ease lives of Frontline workers amidst the Pandemic

An AI based Smart Search for Contact Tracing.

December 10, 2020

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the governments have been struggling day-in and day-out to bring the situation under control. People were very cautious and scared of the situation until 1st half of 2020 while the cases were not that high but as time is passing by the scare in people has fallen considerably. This is leading to greater negligence and puts immense pressure – mentally & physically on Frontline workers including Doctors, paramedics, health workers, social workers and volunteers to trace immediate contacts of the affected patients. With lack of resources to resolve this problem, the cases have crossed over 63.3 Million worldwide with America topping the charts followed by India and Brazil.


People claim their willingness to contribute to tracing the contacts but get reluctant when contacted for information. One of the main factors is the notion of quarantining which is becoming a taboo amongst people. Some refuse to Speak, some refuse to share complete information while some refuse to quarantine. Contact tracing is draining process for the Civic Authorities and the associated workers. There are various missing links which are untraceable due to lack of relevant information.

Role of Technology

Countries like USA, China and UK comprise 8.0-15.8 CCTV cameras per 100 individuals. Contact tracing though these surveillance systems would be highly beneficial to trace and track the people who have been in close proximity with the infected individual. The Contact tracing technology not only provides evidence but also helps in accurate forensic search through an intelligent and efficient method.


AI based Contact Tracing helps the Local Civic Authorities to trace recent interactions of the patients and their extended contacts which leads to tracking people and curbing super-spread of the disease. This technology produces accurate results is controlled environments but can very well be extended to a larger network of well-placed cameras in an outdoor scenario. The evidence through this technology would enable them to enforce safety laws on civilians. The solution allows post event or Forensic search on any archived video stream with face of the patient as the input is a part of AllSafe Safety Analytics Suite by AllGoVision. The AI-ML algorithms would enable Smart Search and identify the patient through advanced Face Recognition module on the archived camera feeds. Since this majorly would be in an enclosed space, the 1st level of investigation with the patient turns out to be highly robust.


Technology like Contact Tracing by AllGoVision that helps in tracing the whereabouts of the patient is a highly effective and accurate method of tracking their contacts, keeping everyone’s Privacy intact. This would save a lot of man-hour efforts for the civic authorities and lead to faster curbing of COVID-19 worldwide.

Contact Tracing is a part of the AllSafe Safety Analytics Suite which also houses several advanced safety features such as No-Mask detection, Social Distancing, Contactless Access control with Thermal Detection and People counting & Limiting catering to verticals like Smart Buildings, Critical infrastructure, Airports, Defence & Retail.

AllGoVision Technologies, a leading player in Video Analytics has presence in UK, USA, UAE and Korea. The offerings include Facial Recognition, ANPR, Traffic Management, Intelligent Crowd Management & Perimeter Protection. AllGoVision is one of the most trusted brands in Advanced Video Analytics powered by AI & Deep Learning. With 40+ basic and advanced features and Deep Learning capabilities, it ensures superior monitoring, detection, and recognition. Hosting a buffet of technologically advanced Safety & Security Products & Solutions, AllGoVision is connected with 100+ partner channels and System Integrators in more than 30 countries.


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