AllGoVision releases Second Generation Software

Bangalore - 1st Jan, 2012

AllGoVision releases Second Generation Software to meet industry surveillance challenges. It introduces must have differentiated features for Surveillance and enhances performance, stability and usability

  • AllGoVision runs as a service. It automatically restarts in case machine reboots or application crashes
  • AllGoVision virtual camera based on ONVIF standards can be created and added to VMS
  • Real time Video stitching up to 8 cameras with moving object tracking. Stitched view can be monitored in Milestone Smart Client
  • AllGoVision Video Stabilization software reduces camera shake, leaving operators with clear and steady video
  • The application is integrated with advanced Auto Report E-mailer. It facilitates in generating and exporting the Text, Graphical Reports. The report also can be received on pre designated e-mail id's daily at predefined time
  • The software facilitates in saving alert images and videos in separate file for further investigation
  • The software can get video feed directly from camera. It increases number of cameras supported in a server
  • The analytics software is password protected to provide authenticated LogIn

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