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As the world tumbles through the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to plan for a future where exercising Social Distancing protocols will be the ‘new normal’.

Keeping this in mind, AllGoVision Technologies brings to you its latest addition, AllSafe™ Safety Analytics. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, AllSafe TM will enhance the safety of buildings, public spaces, retail and high-traffic areas.

AllSafe™ Features for Covid-19 prevention

Following is a brief list of the features of Allsafe Analytics:

Open Protocol Interface based SDK

No-Mask Detection

Artificial Intelligence-powered feature to automatically detect the presence of masks. Supports Alarm Generation and Report Generation for a statistical view the of percentage of people wearing masks. Useful in public places, airports, and offices.

Open Protocol Interface based SDK

Social Distancing

Camera-Based Social Distancing to pinpoint individuals that aren’t practicing social distancing. Tracks non-compliance with social distancing protocols by generating alarms. Provides Reports and Map based visual aids for a consolidated view of social distancing practiced in an area or facility. Useful in offices, public places, and airports.

Open Protocol Interface based SDK

Crowd Detection

Accurate crowd density calculation in virtually monitored zones to prevent large congregations. Useful in high-traffic areas like grounds, fairs, airports, and rail stations.

Open Protocol Interface based SDK

Contactless Attendance Management with Temperature Detection

Face Recognition based Solution with Thermal Imaging to detect individuals with elevated body temperature. Useful for attendance management and access control in offices.

Open Protocol Interface based SDK

Contact Tracing

Face Recognition based solution to search the archived videos for tracing contacts of Covid-19 patients. Supports Forensic Search to process multiple data-heavy videos in a few hours. Useful in hospitals, offices, and public places.

Open Protocol Interface based SDK

People counting

Camera based People Counting can keep track of people entering and exiting a building to ensure that only a limited number of people are within the building at any point of time. Can generate an alarm when the limit is exceeded and provide reports as needed. Useful in offices and retail.


  • No-Mask Detection

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  • Social Distancing

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