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What if I cannot find information that I am looking for?

You can contact us at and we will be glad to help find information. You can write to us at

What if a video does not play?

The most common problem is a firewall blocking video streams. Check if your company blocks streams. If not, write to us at and let us know the specific video you are having problems playing.

Do you have data sheets that I can download?

Yes, we have datasheets available, click on to access it.

Which countries do you have local presence at?

We have local presence in India, Dubai, US / America, Taiwan.

Who is your channel partner in our country?

You can find channel partner list here Please contact us for further information.

How do I reach technical support?

Please send an email to

How do I get updates on new AllGoVision releases?

Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube or visit our website

What cameras you support?

We support all cameras that support ONVIF and other selected cameras. Through VMS like Milestone, Genetec we support all the cameras supported by them. Some of the cameras supported are Axis, Honeywell, IndigoVision, Sony, Bosch, Arecont Vision, Acti, IQInvision, Brickcom, Hikvision, Vision, Pelco, Panasonic. Any other cameras RTSP URL for H.264 stream can be provided to get the video feed.

Is the license camera dependent?

No. License is provided for number of channels. Cameras can be replaced and it works as long as number of cameras is same.

Does the solution work with HD cameras?

Yes it works.

Is your solution iLIDS certified?

No, however we have tested iLIDS dataset and passed the criteria. Due to logistic issues the certification was not applied. Our algorithm uses advanced algorithms and some of the installations where accuracy matters is proof of that.

Do you support ONVIF?

Yes we do support ONVIF for getting URL, streaming analytics video and adding as ONVIF camera & PTZ operations.

Where to find demo videos?

Click here

Do you provide trial version?

Yes, we do provide trail licenses for Resellers, Distributors and SI’s based on the requirement.

Do you provide certification?

Yes, once you have completed your training with us we certify as a AllGoVsion’s certified partner.

Which VMS are you integrated with?

We are integrated with 10+ major VMS: Milestone, Genetec, IndigoVision, Honeywell, Cisco, etc.

Are you integrated with all Milestone versions?

Yes, the solution is integrated with Express, Professional, Expert, Enterprise and Corporate versions.

Which Genetec versions are you integrated with?

We have done successful integrations with Security Center 5.1 and above, Security Center and also Omnicast 4.8 and above.

Which Windows version?

Win 7, 8, 10

Where can I find manuals?

You need to install the software before accessing the manuals; You need to fill out a request form at request-form.php to get access to software.

Does your solution work on edge?

Yes, we have developed edge analytics; it works on Axis and ISD cameras. We periodically update integrations. Please check with us for supported cameras.

Which cameras you support on edge?

We support Axis and ISD cameras.

Where can I find A&E spec sheet?

You need to fill out a request form at

Who is your distributor?

Distributor is region specific. Please fill out the request form and we will help you.

Do you recognize Arabic, Korean or any non-Latin/English character plates?

  • Yes, we offer country-independent recognition for Latin/English, Arabic, Korean, Native Indian and many more standard/non-standard characters.
  • Countries Supported -
    GCC: UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah & Fujairah), Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia
    APAC: Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea
    Others: India, Egypt, Finland, Algeria, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, South Africa
    Our system can easily be trained to recognize any non-Latin/English characters.

What is the accuracy rate of AGV ANPR?

We provide recognition accuracy ranging from 95-98%. The rate may depend on many factors such as image quality, general condition of the license plates, vehicle movement speed etc.

What is the required Speed Range for accurate detection?

  • Stop & Go – speed < 20 kmph
  • Free flow – speed < 200 kmph

How quickly can I get the license plate results?

Processing speed depends on factors such as image resolution, PC performance, image quality, etc. Typically, AllGoVision ANPR processes and generates alarms in less than 1 sec.

What kind of camera is recommended for AGV ANPR?

Camera Models from Axis, Pelco, Bosch, Sony, Honeywell, Hikvision, Dahua, Panasonic, Brickcom, Indigovision, Cisco, Samsung, Acti, Vivotek, FLIR, Digital Watchdog, and others (ONVIF Cameras).
Any other camera type requires URL in order to get video feed from camera.

What is AllGoVision ANPR licensing model?

We provide one time licensing on a per camera basis as well as usage based licensing for images.

Can Video Analytics features be combined with ANPR for advanced use cases?

Yes, ANPR can be combined with FR for Driver Recognition and Authorized Access in high security zones.

Is MFA (multi factor authentication) possible for access control?

Yes, MFA is possible in these combinations - ANPR & FR; ANPR, FR & Code ; ANPR & Code. We currently support ANPR & FR based MFA and have plans for the other modes.

Can vehicles be searched using ANPR?

Yes, vehicles can be searched using plate number and vehicle attributes via Smart Search.

How to get license key?

  • Once the software is installed and camera is added in software, GUID file needs to be exported from software and sent to for license.
  • The trial license can be obtained over web by registering for Partner login. The GUID file can be uploaded and trial licenses can be obtained.

What is the server configuration?

As a thumb rule we can run 4-5 Channels per core.

Does it run on Linux?

AllGoVision software has 2 components.

  • AllGoVision Management Client which is configuration application. This is Windows application.
  • AllGoVision Analytics engine. This can run on Linux or Windows. 1 Windows machine is essential. The analytics can be run on Windows or Linux.

What is the accuracy numbers?

AllGoVision provides high detection rate and low false alarms. Please contact us , we will provide operational statement with detection rates.

Does the solution work in night?

It does work with Infrared supported cameras or there should be sufficient light. For normal cameras illumination of above 1 Lux is required.

What happens if I change PC or Server, do I get a new license?

Contact our support team and once the issue has been reviewed, we will decide if a new license needs to be issued or if you can work with the same license.

Is your Smoke Detection certified?

There is no certification available it’s a software based smoke detection. It’s an early warning system.

Is virtualization supported?


What is the storage required to store alarms?

Each alarm image takes around 150 kb and each alarm video takes around 750KB, if VCA is running at 320x240. The storing of alarm image and alarm video is optional for VMS integrations. Normally 1 TB HDD is sufficient for server machines.

Do you provide Automatic Number Plate Recognition - ANPR?

Yes, we offer Automatic Number Plate Recognition - ANPR. To know more, please visit License Plate Recognition Software, Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software with High Accuracy -

Do you provide Face Recognition?

Yes we have face recognition feature, to know more about it. Download the data sheet here.

How do you provide reporting?

People counting report will be provided through email or FTP upload and all other alarms including people counting can be seen in respective VMS clients and AllGoVision Alarm center. AllGoVision Alarm center supports email reporting for all cameras and Zonal Report with multiple cameras added in each zone. Reports can be scheduled and can be generated in PDF, JPG, Excel, Text file.

Do you provide web reporting?

No we do not provide web reporting.

How are alarms seen?

Alarms can be seen in VMS clients, and AllGoVision alarm center.

What installations you have?

AllGoVision has installations in more than 20 countries. AllGoVision has successfully executed many projects and we periodically update our projects. Some of the installations are provided here. Please get in touch with us for latest projects.

Do you support failover?


How do I become an AllGoVision Partner?

Click here to become an AllGoVision partner.

How to order and make payment?

Request our concerned sales rep for PI, we will send the bank transaction details in the PI.

What is your discount on pricing?

As a distributor you can avail discount on the list price. Please get in touch with us for the discount structure.

How do I check when is my next Partnership renewal is?

Log in, go to the Partner's portal and underneath your name, your plan and renewal date is listed.

How is your solution compared to competition?

AllGoVision has beaten competition in important projects where performance is important. AllGoVision provides 50+ basic and advanced features and has presence in 30+ Countries with 100+ Channel Partners.

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