AllGoVision Features

Features Category

  • Trespass
  • Boundary Crossing
  • Smart Auto PTZ
  • PTZ Handoff
  • Tailgating
  • Camera Tampering
  • Face Capture
  • PTZ to PTZ Analytics
  • PTZ Lock
  • Left Object Detection
  • Missing Object Detection
  • Loitering
  • Crowding
  • Tailgating
  • Face Capture
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  • People Counting
  • Reporting
  • Auto Emailer
  • Loss Prevention Features (Cup Counting)
  • Face Detection
  • Face Counting
  • Queue Management
  • Heat Map
  • Motion Map
  • Video Summary
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  • Vehicle Wrong Way Detection
  • Illegal Parking Detection
  • Congestion Detection
  • Vehicle Counting
  • Speeding Detection
  • Parking Management
  • Red Light Violation Detection
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  • Video Smoke Detection
  • Video Fire Detection
  • Object Masking / Face Masking
  • Face Recognition
  • Multi Camera Tracking
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Security Counting / Flow Traffic / Parking Surveillance
(Enhanced Monitoring)
Trespass People Counting Vehicle Wrong Way Detection
Boundary Crossing Reporting Illegal Parking Detection
Smart Auto PTZ Auto Emailer Congestion Detection Video Smoke Detection
Tailgating Loss Prevention Features (Cup Counting) Vehicle Counting Video Fire Detection
Camera Tampering Face Capture Speeding Detection Object Masking / Face Masking
Left Object Detection Face Counting Parking Management Face Recognition
Missing Object Detection Queue Management
Loitering Heat Map
Crowding Motion Map
Face Capture Video Summary
PTZ Handoff

Advanced Video Analytics :

Advanced Video Analytics

Open platform VMS integration :

AllGoVision has been successfully integrated with 10+ major VMS like Milestone, Genetec, Honeywell EBI, HUS, DVM, Wavestore, etc.

Open Protocol Interface based SDK :

AllGoVision SDK is based on open protocol and can be integrated easily with other VMS.

People Counting :

AllGoVision SDK is based on open protocol and can be integrated easily with other VMS.

Customized Analytics :

The best in class qualified team of engineers provide customization to enhance or apply video analytics solution to different customer requirements. We have undertaken customization for India’s biggest organized Retail Chain and Singapore Government.

Virtual Camera Application :

AllGoVision virtual camera is created based on ONVIF standards. It can be added in any VMS which supports ONVIF. The Virtual camera streams the processed Video to VMS.

Virtual Camera Application

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