Biometric Access Manager

Person & Vehicle Authentication for Enterprise Surveillance & Security

Sanctioning access to a person or vehicle to any physical location using 2 or more identification credentials/factors such as Face, Number Plate or ID card. A robust system is required by enterprises to completely secure access gates internally as well as externally.

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User Friendly Interface - Biometric Access Manager

User friendly Interface

The Configuration of the cameras to capture faces & number plates, registration on the system and door/zone mapping dashboard is very easy to use as it has a web based UI.

Dynamic System - Biometric Access Manager

Dynamic System

The system supports dynamic registrations and removal/change of details of the access seeker.

VMS Integration Flexibility - Biometric Access Manager

VMS integration flexibility

The system easily integrates with VMSs to fetch camera feeds and display alarms. Currently integrated with Milestone VMS.

3rd Party Integration Flexibility - Biometric Access Manager

3rd Party Integration Flexibility

The system easily integrates with popular access control software, employee database and command & control systems to fetch information on access levels, employee faces & ID etc. and connect that to the access gates or boom barriers. Currently integrated with Lenel Onguard Access Control Software.

Time Sync - Biometric Access Manager

Time Sync

Once the License Plate or Face comes within the ROI of an installed camera then AllGoVision Access Control solution needs to identify the authenticity of an individual or a vehicle respectively within a specific time frame configured by the user.

Automate Operations - Biometric Access Manager

Automate Operations

Integrate vehicle authentication with Boom barriers at entry and exit for smooth and automated operations. This can be combined with Driver/employee authentication using MFA and Driver image capture.


Person Authentication and Contactless Attendance - Biometric Access Manager

Person Authentication & Contactless Attendance

Employee Vehicle Authentication - Biometric Access Manager

Employee Vehicle Authentication

Manage Access to Secure Areas - Biometric Access Manager

Manage Access to Secure Areas

Zone Monitoring - Biometric Access Manager

Zone Monitoring

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