AllGoVision Alarm Center

AllGoVision’s Alarm Management Client – Alarm Center provides options to view, search, report and analyse all the alarms generated by AllGoVision analytics running on different systems across a LAN. The database requirement is MySQL.

  • Alarm Popup and Alarm Video Playback Options
  • Displays alarms with date and time stamp and all properties
  • Filters to search alarms based on alarm properties and object properties
  • Provides search capability for Forensic search.
  • Forensic search can be done based on object properties like size, color, type, time etc.
  • Analysis Features: Heat map and Motion map
  • Provides reporting in PDF, JPG, Excel, Text file
  • Can schedules reports for Email & FTP
  • Zonal Report with multiple cameras added in each zone
  • Alarms database is in MySQL
  • AllGoVision Alarm Center is available as plugin and can be integrated with VMS client
  • Provides single viewer with different VMS integration
  • Provides more functionality than VMS client for analytic alarms
  • Standalone AllGoVision can be used with client
  • Provides heat map for multiple cameras
  • Plot based on selected duration
  • Shows density levels for different colors
  • Provides option for export of Heat Map
Heat Map
  • Provides the paths of object or people movement
  • Plot based on selected duration
  • Provides option for export of Motion Map
Motion Map

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