AllGoVision Edge Analytics

AllGoVision runs on Axis and ISD cameras. No server required.
Multi Channel, Multi Feature Video Analytics available on TI platform for NVR/DVR design.

Intrusion Detection

  • Boundary Crossing
  • Trespass

Suspicious Incidences

  • Left Object Detection
  • Missing Object Detection
  • Loitering
  • Crowding

Counting / Retail / Business Intelligence

  • Counting

Axis Cameras

  • Axis : ARTPEC3 , Ambarella, ARTPEC4 cameras
    (Ex: M3004, M3005, M3113, M3114, M3203, M3204, M1103, P3367, P13 series etc)

ISD Cameras

  • ISD : Jaguar series edge cameras

Advantages of Edge analytics

  • Cost effective solution since no server requirement
  • The performance close to server grade software


  • Milestone
  • Genetec
  • AllGoVision stand alone with Viewer

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