Face Recognition

License Plate Recognition

Face Recognition by Single Photo

AllGoVision can recignize face with the help of even single photo uploaded for a person. The demo shows the process.

Crowd Counting

Crowd Management features include crowd detection and over crowding alert, crowd counting, crowd flow detection and counter flow alert. The crowd counting feature uses advanced algorithm to accurately detect the number of crowd in specified area


This feature is used for detecting person or vehicle entering or exiting virtual area.

AllGoVision PTZ Tracking

This feature will continuously track single object with PAN, TILT and ZOOM. 

Smart Auto PTZ

This feature allows automatically do one step PTZ operation to capture closer video of violator as well as monitoring of violation with closer capture of violator for evidence. Applications includes person entering in restricted area.

PTZ Handoff

With PTZ Handoff feature any rule violation detected on any fixed camera triggers PTZ camera to its view for auto tracking of the object.


This feature is used for detecting the people leaving out baggage/object in public place.


AllGoVision's Vehicle Counting Feature can count the number of vehicles crossing a virtual line, in both directions.

Illegal Parking

This feature detects parking of the vehicle in no parking zone like illegal parking on road sides in no parking areas or restricted zones, illegal parking of the vehicle in front of the gates etc.


AllGoVision provides Video based Smoke Detection(VSD). VSD can provide rapid detection of smoke even when smoke is formed in 10-15% of the view . The smoke can be with or without fire.

AllGoVision Occupancy Management

Display at your lobby shows real time occupancy of each level or customer service zone so that customers can choose where to go in order to get quicker service. You also have Queue occupancy, Parking Occupancy, Open-space Capacity etc.


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