LPD/ANPD: Detects the vehicle license plate in the camera view, captures the license plate image.
LPR/ANPR: Recognizes the license plate by identifying license number from detected plate.

Features & Options

  • Real time Detection and Recognition process for Vehicle License Plates.
  • Reliable Performance with High efficiency & Accuracy with Low False Positives
    • Accuracy for standard plates: 99+% for detection, 97+% for recognition
  • Multi-Country Recognition (20+ countries)
    • Arabic & Korean characters, plates and logo recognition supported
  • Black list / White list configuration supported.
  • Supports Capture of License plate along with the Car Image.
  • Supports Capture of License plate along with the Driver Image.
  • Detects ingress without egress and sends alarm on timeout
  • Sends daily reports of ingress and egress in PDF.


  • Parking Management: Detection of vehicles with ingress into the parking area but no egress after timeout.
  • Traffic Monitoring: Red light violation detection or any other traffic rule violation detection.
  • Law Enforcement: Stolen cars detection, Place of registration tracking through traffic surveillance.
  • Task Automation: Systems can trigger operations such as access control / boom barriers etc.
  • Automatic Toll Management: Recognized vehicles can be charged the toll fees automatically.

How It Works

  • License Plate Detection & Capture: Clear image, captured in the camera, is processed for presence of vehicle license plate and on successful detection of license plate the license plate is captured.
  • Segmentation & Extraction: The captured license plate image is segmented into optically recognized characters and the alpha numeric value is extracted.
  • License Number Storage & Matching: The license plate identity (the alpha-numeric code) is stored in the database. There is option for the matching the extracted code with the existing entries in a list of registered license plates.
  • LPR Alarm: Depending upon match or mismatch the license plate is recognized or unrecognized with respect to registered database. The user has options to manually examine the code and modify if required.
License Plate Recognition

Standalone Architecture

  • The standalone application of LPR can works independent of VMS.
  • AllGoVision takes the video feed directly from LPR cameras.
  • The LPR alarms and associated information are seen in Alarm Center.
Standalone Architecture

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