AllGoVision Video Analytics

AllGoVision is a renowned Video Analytics Solution. With successful installation in more than 30 countries with the help of 100+ Channel Partners, AllGoVision has become a reputed name worldwide. Headquartered in Bangalore, the Silicon City of India, AllGoVision also has presence in UK, USA, UAE and Korea. AllGoVision is well-equipped with 50 plus Basic and Advanced Features of Video Analytics which find varied applications in Traffic Surveillance, Building Surveillance, City Surveillance, Business Intelligence across different Sectors. AllGoVision has dedicated itself to in-depth research and product innovation and with the right mix of in-house Image Processing Expertise and skilful engineers, AllGoVision has been successfully integrated with 10+ major VMS like Milestone, Genetec, Honeywell EBI, HUS, DVM, Wavestore, etc. AllGoVision puts strong emphasis on Robust Performance, Ease of Use, Customisability, and Cost Efficiency. It has very effective solutions for Next Gen Video Analytics, like Intelligent Traffic Surveillance, Crowd Management, Perimeter Protection, Suspicious Incidences Detection, Retail Intelligence, Facial Recognition and Multi Camera Tracking. AllGoVision’s primary focus is to provide solutions with high reliability and accuracy.

  • Provides flexibility in installation. It can be installed either in the same machine as VMS or in a separate machine
  • Can take video feed directly either from camera or VMS
  • Can send alarms to VMS viewer (like smart client) applications
  • Can run as a windows service up to 100 channels per server
  • Supports Failover
  • Supports ONVIF to get video stream from camera and send video stream to VMS
  • Supports several leading VMS - Milestone, Genetec, Indigovision, Exacqvision and many more
Server Analytics
  • Available on Axis camera
  • Can send alarms to VMS viewer (like Smart Client) application<
  • Can run as a windows service up to 200 channels per server
  • Supports Intrusion Detection, Suspicious Incidences Detection and Counting Features simultaneously
  • Saves extra hardware cost
Edge Analytics
  • Can run on a local server or edge or cloud
  • Ability to send alarms over WAN
  • Alarm Center can be hosted on WAN or cloud
Distributed Architecture

AllGoVision is integrated with open platform VMS, like Milestone, Genetec, Indigovision, etc. VMS and the combined solution is set to offer a significant advantage for automated surveillance. It works well with the existing security systems. It is a cost effective solution with robust performance.

VMS Integration
  • Integrated with open platform VMS like Milestone, Genetec, Indigovision and many more
  • Can be installed with VMS on same machine or separately
  • Send alarms to VMS Viewer Application
  • Supports direct Camera feed
  • Simple and Intuitive GUI for user input
  • Compliant with any standard IP cameras supported by VMS
  • Storage of alarm files for export
  • Failover server support
  • Runs as Windows Service

Hardware Support

  • x64 platform
  • Library portable on embedded platforms for embedded applications

Feature Rich


  • Features like Multi Camera Tracking, Crowd Management, Traffic Management, City and Building Surveillance provide integrators and users with greater cost saving, utility and high ROI than with other systems
  • Multi region analytics with Multiple alerts for different rules in a single scene


  • Robust performance
  • Competitive multi channel analytics on single server
  • User Friendly and Efficient Alerting and Alarming for easy analysis in Surveillance

Integration & Support

  • Easy installation
  • Trial version available
  • Installation and fine tuning support to customers
  • Support for Enhancements, Revisions and New Features

Platforms / OS

  • Windows 7,8,10
  • Linux

Applicable Business Sectors

  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Banking
  • Industries
  • Retail
  • Enterprise
  • Government
  • Smart Cities
  • Power
  • Education
  • Oil & Gas
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation

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