About Us

AllGoVision Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a leading player of Video Analytics, and manufactures AllGoVision, a renowned Video Analytics Solution. The company was started as a product unit in 2009, and with its growth, became an independent entity in 2016. With successful installation in more than 30 countries with the help of 100+ Channel Partners, AllGoVision has become a reputed name worldwide. Headquartered in Bangalore, the Silicon City of India, AllGoVision also has presence in UK, USA, UAE and Korea.

AllGoVision is well-equipped with 50 plus Basic and Advanced Features of Video Analytics which find varied applications in Traffic Surveillance, Building Surveillance, City Surveillance, Business Intelligence across different Sectors. AllGoVision has dedicated itself to in-depth research and product innovation and with the right mix of in-house Image Processing Expertise and skilful engineers, AllGoVision has been successfully integrated with 10+ major VMS like Milestone, Genetec, Honeywell EBI, HUS, DVM, Wavestore, etc.

AllGoVision has won the “Most Innovative and High Potential product” award from Nasscom and has been profiled in reports by Research and Markets.

Our Three Corner Stones

" Strivers for perfection "! That is what we are. The venture, right from the inception, continually strives to integrate modern technologies and transforming them into reliable, affordable, and intelligent video analytic solutions. With a focus on perfection, we have defined and laid our corner stones, which are:

Customers' Choice

We are Customers' Choice!

Our emphasis on providing customer benefits like Cost Efficiency, Robust Performance, Ease of Usability and Customization has earned us good reputation in the industry. Our customers not only enjoy complete package of advanced and reliable Video Analytics features but also attractive incentives. We go that extra mile to offer a one-month free trial to our prospective customers, and we are delighted to say that our product's superior performance always made our customer relationship stronger.

Trusted Name

The Trusted Name

We are proud to be the trusted name in the Video Analytics Industry! The high customer satisfaction, combined with business relationship with 100 plus channel partners and system integrators, has motivated us to expand our footprints into more than 30 countries. We are headquartered at Bangalore, the silicon city of India and have presence in the U.S.A., U.K., Korea and U.A.E.

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