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Face Recognition

Face Recognition : Matches the Face to that in the database.
Alarms: Option to send Alarms whether Face Matching or non Matching to VMS/ Alarm Center


  • Black List Alarm (Terrorists, Shoplifters, Known Offenders)
  • VIP Identification
  • Restricted Zone Security / Lobby Management
  • Face Verification based Access Control & Attendance System
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Viewership Analytics (Face Count, Face Presence, Face Frequency)
  • Demographic Profiling(Age Group and Gender Detection)

Features & Options

  • Works with generic IP cameras with good quality.
  • Works even with PC, you don’t need high end systems
  • Works in both indoor as well as outdoor environments.
  • Works with limited pose changes.
  • Works even when people are walking.
  • Works despite camouflage efforts with spectacles, beard or wig.
  • Works for people of different ethnicity.
  • Face recognition time can be as low as 1 sec.
  • Works for up to tens of thousands of registered faces.
  • Works even with one registered image per face.
Face Recognition


  • People walking towards camera with face visible frontally.
  • The face detection allows ±20 degree tilt in both x and y direction.
  • Indoor/outdoor environment with good constant illumination
  • Works at resolutions 640x480 and above, up to 1080p, and for frame rate above 8 fps.
  • Face recognition time is 1-3 sec.
  • Works for a database of up to 10,000 faces.
  • No of registered image per face: 1-10.
  • Last Seen Time of the recognized face is also shown.
  • The environment is indoor as well as outdoor.
  • The camera is able to track the detected face when it is moving and does not generate multiple alarms.


  • Face detected from camera is matched against database
  • Alarms are sent to VMS/Alarm Center
Face Recognition Architecture

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