AllGoVision Advanced Video Analytics for Retail Application

AllGoVision offers following solution for Retail Industries :

  • Queue Management
  • Face Capture & Face Analytics
  • Object counting (people or vehicle) with report generation and Auto E-mailer
  • Count Report,Heat & Motion Map
  • Video Summary
Video Analytics for Retail Application

Queue Management

Queue Management : Monitoring queue for operational optimization and business intelligence

People Counting : Monitoring Footfall Statistics for better operational efficiencies


  • Ingress & Egress: Counts the number of people entering and exiting the queue respectively
  • Queue Count : Determines the number of people in the queue
  • Average Waiting time
  • Average Counter Service time
  • Average frisking time
  • Manage & Optimize Dwell Time
Queue Management

Face Capture & Face Analytics

  • Face Capture : Detects face in the camera FOV, captures it and stores it.
  • Face Tracking : Tracks the face in camera FOV.
  • Face Counting : Counts the number of faces in the camera view and over a time period.
  • Face Presence : Detects for how much time any face was in the view.
  • Face Frequency : Frequency Distribution Map for recognized people.
  • Applications :
    • Face Capture at service counters like ticket counters, platforms, departure and arrival gates etc.
    • Eye gaze movement data for different shelves in retail stores
    • Viewership detection for digital signage, billboards etc.

Object Counting (People or Vehicle)

  • The application count the people traversing a certain passage
  • The installation can be done in 2 ways :
    • Angular for application like City Surveillance to cover wide area
    • Overhead for the installation like entry/exit point
  • Environment : Indoor and Outdoor
  • VMS : Takes video input from open platform VMS like Milestone, Genetic and Mirasys
  • Cameras :

    Direct camera input from different camera makes like Axis, Sony, Brickcom, Acti, IQInvision, Bosch, Pelco, Honeywell, HiKVision, Panasonic etc.

People Counting Solution on PC based or Embedded Computing Device.

People Counting Solution

Platforms / OS

  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows

Hardware Configuration

  • Intel Atom Embedded based PC or Normal PC
  • Intel Processor i3 can run upto 15 channels
  • People Counting accuracy is increased greatly using Stereo Cameras
  • Tailgating can also be performed through Stereo Cameras
People Counting through Stereo Camera
  • Report of counting with different time duration, interval and plot options

  • Export of Report and Plot in JPEG, CSV, PDF and TXT formats

  • Zonal report with multiple cameras added in each zone

  • Auto Report E-Mailer
  • FTP upload of reports
Count Report

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