Facial recognition System: A bane or boon

Conflicting views on Convenience v/s Privacy

January 11, 2021

Facial recognition has always been recognised as an advanced biometric system with enhanced convenience. With the COVID-19 pandemic avalanching the world, contactless access control became a necessity which can be achieved by no means other than Facial Identification system. On the other hand, facial recognition is being condemned in various parts of the world due to the major security breaches that have happened in the recent past which compromised finger prints and facial details of over 1million people in UK and USA. There has been a huge outcry over surveillance cameras capturing people movement on the streets of USA especially in the residential areas. There is a genuine fear of governments playing the Big Brother where everyone would be tracked 24/7.

Statistical Evidence

Well, looking at the larger picture, Facial recognition finds its importance in circles of law enforcement, access control and operational efficiency. Here are some interesting statistics to support this statement – over 2500 missing children identified in 4 days in India using Facial recognition technology, over 4000 arrests made due to Driver Face mismatch in USA, over 25 imposters prevented from entering airports in USA, forensic searches all over the world has seen 20 times improvement since 2015 due to Facial Recognition Technology.The list doesn’t end here, facial recognition system is extremely useful in Crime prevention by identifying the blacklisted suspects and forensic investigation; identifying High Net worth customers in banks & hotels; identifying Blacklisted shoplifters in retail; security and special vigilance for VIPs at events; avoiding intruders and tailgaters; secure monetary transaction. Facial recognition also provides heightened convenience at airports to the travellers as well as the authority. In fact, it is predicted that by 2023 97% of the Airports will use Facial recognition technology for safety screening, issuance of boarding passes, access to the aircraft and speeding the boarding process leading to public convenience.

Concerns & Solution

However, immediate solutions to concerns like privacy issues, data storage and security breach still need to be addressed in more robust ways. Advanced technologies such as moving the data to cloud and encryption, identity masking, tight cyber security would aid in resolution. The use of this technology may be debatable and arguably invading privacy but, when it comes to safety & security with pre-emptive measures, there is no other technology that can beat this. Facial Recognition is definitely a boon for proactive Public Safety and Security.

Facial Recognition by AllGoVision is a part of advanced Video Analytics that uses AI Deep Learning algorithms to identify and recognise faces and raises alarms in case of any violation. The solution is validated by NIST and uses robust technologies for Cyber Security and identity/face masking. The solution also captures, identifies, and recognises people wearing masks. AllGoVision has facial recognition system deployments in various geographies like Middle East, Africa, USA, India and APAC.

To know more about AllGoVision Face Recognition System, measures to address security issues and our expertise, visit us at https://www.allgovision.com/face-recognition.php

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