Re-opening Businesses safely in the post-COVID world

Could Video Analytics be the answer?

September 9, 2020

Over the last two decades, Video Analytics has stood out as a vital enabler of business intelligence. Advanced Video Analytics technologies have time and again helped organizations to make smarter business decisions, cut down on business costs and boost efficiency with a massive ROI that can be duly measured through tangible results.

Today, amid the coronavirus pandemic, video analytics is even more important for ensuring public health and maintaining business safety. Advanced Video Analytics based Solutions are supporting businesses by introducing tools that can be used for promoting safe environments for organizations, employees, and end-users. With instant identification and real-time alerts against safety breaches, businesses can now efficiently meet public health guidelines and optimize their efforts to protect employees.

In challenging times like these, organizations can especially benefit from a solution with COVID19 specific features:

  • No-Mask detection, an AI powered solution to detect the presence or absence of masks on human face.
  • Contactless Face Recognition based Attendance Management systems to replace conventional attendance management systems. When powered by thermal detection capability, these systems can also detect elevated body temperature and alert against the same.
  • Contact Tracing is an excellent feature to recognize and track people to assess if one or more individuals are potentially exposed to an infected person.
  • People Counting is another solution which will help businesses set and enforce occupancy limits in office facilities to ensure complete safety in office premises
  • Video Analytics based Social Distancing for detecting non-compliance with social distancing protocols.
  • Crowd Management Solutions will help organizations optimize the number of staff in their office facilities. This will not just help ensure social distancing but will also assist organizations to adhere to the safety protocols recommended by the government.

For restructuring our lives post-COVID, companies should use a Video Analytics based solution to proactively monitor their facilities, uphold and adhere to public health guidelines, and contain the spread of Covid19 in their enterprises.

AllSafe™ – Safety Analytics by AllGoVision Technologies bridges this safety gap, through an all-encompassing Covid-19 suite to help contain the spread of the virus. Powered by AI, this suite features multiple capabilities like No-Mask Detection, People Counting, Social Distancing, Contact Tracing, Contactless Attendance Management with Thermal Detection and more, all of which will collectively help organizations to ensure safety within and outside office premises.

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