The role of Video Analytics to improve Public Safety in post COVID world

How does Video Analytics add intelligence to the Public Safety Infrastructure?

November 10, 2020

Public Safety, the word that resonated with protection from Crime and untoward incidences only, worked on a reactive model. That is, post an incident or crime, the agents took charge to ensure justice. But with the increasing popularity of CCTVs in investigation, offline analytics technologies started gaining traction. However, it required excessive manual intervention. As the focus started moving to Law enforcement and Policing, Video Analytics in real-time got the limelight. Law makers wanted to chase less and fight more. Hence, Automated and Intelligent Video Analytics became the buzz word amongst them until COVID 19 showed up.

The pandemic tangentially shifted the perspective of Public Safety to focus on safety of human lives along with security. A new domain of operational safety at enterprises, hospitals, factories, public places, malls etc. arose. Human safety which was limited to wearing helmets & seatbelts moved to wearing masks and maintaining social distance from one another. From avoid travelling alone to not travelling at all; from washing hands to fight against germs to washing hands for 20secs for prevention from COVID19; from more the merrier to counting and limiting people to avoid contraction of infection. The dynamics of public safety changed throughout the world in the post COVID era.

Why Video Analytics?
A scenario where avoiding manual intervention looks like the best bet, automated Video Analytics tops the charts for smart prevention and Public Safety because it enables you to ensure safety and security with almost nil or no human intervention. Well, Video Analytics uses Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms to detect violations and holds the capacity to generate real time alerts for no-mask & social distancing violations. The powerful analytic engines assure high accuracy for real time people limiting, access control and temperature detection. This technology cognitively studies patterns and regulates the output for higher precision. The hybrid installation models aid in optimised outputs and reports which ensures high performance; hence, lower operational cost.

VA analytics always had been the game changer for public safety but with COVID coming into picture, the intelligent algorithms have higher a value proposition especially with features such as, No- mask detection, Social Distancing, Crowd Detection, People Counting with Limiting and Contactless Access control with Thermal detection. Not only for Public Safety, but this technology also holds very high potential for Perimeter Security, Law enforcement, Access control, Traffic Management, City & Building surveillance and Critical infrastructure safety.

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